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    Since 1980’s, our airspace, airways /air-routes have been adjusted for many times. European/Asia air route, that is to connect European and South-East Asia, opened in April, 1989.
     Beijing-Guangzhou-Shenzhen air route has been handed over to civil aviation control in April, 1994. Jinghu and Jingsui air route in June, 1996. 26 air routes in June, 2000. Cross polar air route, that is to connect North America and Hong Kong, put into operation in February, 2001. The new air route structure in Sanya responsibility area and that of South Chinese sea area put into operation in November, 2001. The cross polar air routes have realized multipoints of entry-exit within the boundaries of our country in June, 2003. The adjustment of above-mentioned airspace and air route has greatly promoted the economic operation of airlines and been appreciated by international and domestic airspace users.
     Since 1990’s, our civil aviation make sufficient use of new technology and pay great attention to the construction of new navigation system. L888 air route which is based on the technology of ADS and CPDLC has been established in October, 2000. RNAV procedures in Tianjin Binhai airport approach and Beijing capital airport terminal area have been tested successfully in February, 2003 and in August, 2003 respectively.
     For many years, ATMB made great afforts to adopted ICAO’s SARPs to run in line with international standards conducted flight level reform for two times successively according to SARPs (Standards and Recommended Practices) developed by ICAO. By the end of December 25, 2002, all national air transport airports has finished altimeter setting procedures reform, in addition, it has realized 1000ft vertical separation above 29000ft of ocean airspace in Sanya responsibility area. The three new ACCs with international level, in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, already put into operation recently. this makes the level of Chinese air traffic control and comprehensive assurance capability step into a new stage.
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