CAAC/ATMB and China Air Transport Association (CATA) strengthen business cooperation
     Date: 2017-12-05     

On Nov. 24, CAAC/ATMB and CATA held a symposium on the theme of strengthen business cooperation.


At the symposium, Chairman of CATA Li Jun and Executive Vice Chairman Pan Yixin made an introduction about the general situation and the next key work. They also appreciated the long time support from CAAC/ATMB. Li Jun expressed that CAAC/ATMB is not only an important part of China’s Civil Aviation, but also an important pillar for the construction of a powerful nation in civil aviation. He hope that CAAC/ATMB could always support CATA’s work, keep close communication between the two sides,deepen cooperation on policy research, construction of China Civil Aviation Service Network, professional training, construction of industry exchange platform and other respects. And he specially introduced their work on promoting the development of civil aviationtogether with military aviation, and the national airspace management system reform.


Director General of CAAC/ATMB CheJinjunappreciated the efforts that CATA had made on member service and promoting the communication between the ATM and Airlines. He expressed that ATMB will strongly support the CATA’s work and deepen expansion cooperation of both sides in many fields. CheJinjunhope that CATA could take advantage of third parties on carrying out service quality evaluation and promoting the overall operational efficiency and service quality of the civil aviation industry.


Zhang Jianqiang, Li Qiguo, Ma Bing, Deputy Directors General of CAAC/ATMB, and Chen Songlin, Deputy Chief Engineer of CAAC/ATMB made valuable suggestions on strengthen business cooperation with CATA. They hope that CATA may provide a bridge, which could enhance the communication between the ATM and the Airlines, strengthen policy research for promoting the overall ability of the industry, and strengthen science and technology guide for promoting the application of new technologies in the area of ATC.