Feng Zhenglin Inspects Tianjin ATM Sub-Bureau
     Date: 2017-03-01     

On Feb. 17, CAAC Administrator Feng Zhenglin inspected Tianjin ATM Sub-Bureau.


Feng Zhenglin visited the Control Tower and greeted front-line staffs. Director General of Tianjin ATM Sub-Bureau Zhang Qiang introduced airspace structure, dual runway parallel operation situation, methods on improving flight normality of Tianjin Airport’s. Secretary of the Party Committee of Tianjin ATM Sub-Bureau Zheng Tongli made a brief introduction on the reform, development and construction process of Sub-Bureau.


Feng Zhenglin confirmed Tianjin Sub-Bureau’s work on improving flight normality under the situation of complex airspace and continuous increasing air traffic flow. He encouraged the staffs to work hard under the spirits of modern civil aviation and make more contribution to the ATM development.