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     Air Traffic Management Bureau of Civil Aviation Administration of China (Hereinafter referred to as CAAC/ATMB) is a functional organization that administrates the national air traffic services, civil aviation communications, navigation, surveillance (CNS), and aviation meteorology and flight information. The current industrial management system is divided into three levels, that are ATMB, regional ATMBs and sub-bureaus; the operational management system is based on three-level air traffic services system, that are area control, approach control and airport control. Its main responsibilities are as follows:
     Carrying out national ATM principles and policies, laws and regulations, and CAAC rules, regulations, decisions and instructions;
     Drafting civil aviation ATM operational management systems, standards and procedures; Implementing the use of airspace and air traffic control development and construction planning formulated by CAAC; Organizing and coordinating the resources assignment, such as national flight time and airspace capacities etc. Organizing and coordinating the construction of civil aviation ATM system;
     Providing air traffic control services, CNS services, flight information services and aviation meteorology services; Supervising the operational status of national ATM system; be responsible for the special flights, important flight activities and the searching and rescuing of the aircrafts; Researching, developing and promoting civil aviation ATM new technologies;
     Directing and administrating the regional ATMBs and be responsible for the units directly under it, such as their personnel, wages, financial, construction projects, asset management and information statistics, and so on.
     CAAC/ATMB directs and administrates seven regional ATMBs and their subordinate units. The ATM units in the provincial capital cities or municipalities directly under the central government are short for ATM sub-bureaus; others are called ATM stations. The regional ATMBs are the institutions that are affiliated with CAAC/ATMB; their organization level is equivalent to the deputy director bureau-level and carry out enterprise management. The civil aviation ATM sub-bureaus (stations) are the institutions that are affiliated with regional ATMBs; their organization level is equivalent to the department-level and carry out enterprise management. 
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